VR Go!

Seattle's social gaming lounge for everyone!

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We are an inclusive social gaming lounge where everyone is welcome! In addition to hosting general lounge hours where members can play tabletop games, video games, and reserve time in our premium Virtual Reality Stations, we also host tournaments, free member-only events, and parties!

Be part of a community, play games with friends, meet new friends, and explore new worlds!


  • Library of tabletop games, fun for all ages;
  • Curated co-op video games;
  • Dedicated Vive-Pro Virtual Reality equipment with extensive game library;
  • Member only events - including co-op game nights, tournaments, and Virtual Athletics League!


  • Clean, fun, and geeky atmosphere - tables for game play, virtual reality stations, and lounge host to help you get started;
  • Family friendly environment with dedicated times for kids ages 8-12;
  • Date night events;
  • Snacks and drinks available for purchase;
  • Get out of the house, meet new friends, try new games!

VR Go! provides a safe and fun space for new friends of all ages to immerse themselves in game play, including virtual worlds, video games, and tabletop games. We are committed to providing curated games and experiences that create the maximum levels of collaboration, social interaction, and healthy competition between gamers.

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